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Our company is a high-tech enterprise, integrating R&D, development, production, sales in one. The company fully adopts the enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system in the aspects of personnel, logistics, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, financial department.
Wenzhou Sanhe Measuring Instrument Co., LTD, established in May, 2002, mainly produces four categories of products: electronic digital vernier caliper series products (general and special); indicator series products; digital protractor and spirit level series products; portable hardness tester and concentricity measuring instrument series products and the similar of custom made.
We set up a branch company in October 2003, which mainly produces mechanical instrument products, such as force gauge, spring tester, torque meter, tension meter etc. We are one of the professional mechanical equipment manufacturers which have the most complete specifications in China.
Our products are suitable for all vario......[详细介绍]
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